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What Is The Easiest Way To Start Setting Goals?

In the simplest form, to set a goal you can make yourself an ‘actionable’ promise (it can be the smallest promise to start) and then KEEP THE PROMISE TO YOURSELF!  The reward you get when you do this is the ability to give yourself a ‘pat on the back’, when you keep that promise to yourself. Yeah, you did it … and you will also experience a motivation to do it again because it feels good.  It’s time to tap into your higher potential.

You Are The Only Person Who Can Use Your Potential!

Below are 2 Exercises to get you dreaming … yes, this is where we start … “dreaming”… then you’ll find 4 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Actionable Goals.

You Are The ONLY Person Who Can


If You Have It In You To Dream, You Have It In You To Succeed.

Here are two DREAM SHEETS, you can use immediately to get you ‘dreaming’ so you can start on your path to setting some bigger picture goals.

EXERCISE 1 (Six Month Dream Sheet) … see Chapter 7 “Taking The First Step – DREAM” of A Millennials Guide To Live Your Dream

Get yourself a piece of paper or start a new note in your smartphone.  Write today’s date at the top of the page – then next to that write out the date in six months from today.   Now you brainstorm.  Write down a list of all of the things you would like to DO, BE or HAVE in the next six months (by the date you wrote on the top of your page).  This list represents your immediate goals and needs.

EXERCISE 2 (Limitless Dreams/Goals Sheet) … see Page 147 of A Millennials Guide To Live Your Dream

Get a second piece of paper, or start a new note in your smartphone.  Set a 2 minute timer. There are absolutely NO LIMITATIONS to this exercise.  Pretend I am a magician (fairy god mother, or magic genie) and I can give you everything you write down on that piece of paper in 2 minutes. Anything you don’t write down won’t happen in your lifetime.  Think of everything you would like to DO, BE, or HAVE at some point in your life.  (You have 2 minutes … GO!)

In the book, A Millennials Guide To Live Your Dream I also provide a ‘personality traits’ exercise because it is important we work on ourselves.  The list of honorable personality traits makes it easy for you to quickly identify some areas you might like to work on.

In my early years, setting goals for myself … I thought by simply writing out my dreams I was setting goals for myself.  I’ve since learned it is a bit more of a process to turn your dreams into goals.  But it is not difficult.  Here are some easy steps to follow:

How To Turn Dreams Into Goals (from Chapter 8, A Millennials Guide To Live Your Dream)

Life is a very precious gift.  Each new day is the first day of the rest of your life.  it’s up to you to enjoy it to its fullest. In order to do that and to be able to enjoy the ‘feeling of success’ and accomplishment, you must first have a plan. It’s like taking a road trip anywhere; it’s hard to get there without a map.

By painting a clear picture of your wants and needs you are setting yourself up to achieve them even faster than you ever thought possible.  You will be amazed how things have a way of working themselves out.  Things just start happening!

Step #1 – Be like a fisherman, pick out those ‘dreams’ most important to you at this time and throw the others back.  If your list of ‘dreams’ is too short, do the exercises again (it does get easier to think of things the more your practise).

Step #2 – Once you have a good list of dreams from your two exercises.  I want you to think of each of them in finished, completed form.  See yourself in the picture with your dream completed.  (See 5 Tips For Effective Visualisation, Pg 157, A Millennials Guide To Live Your Dream)   Do you see yourself in the picture, with your dream achieved?

Step #3 – Now add a time element. When you see yourself in the picture with this dream achieved, when is it?  When will each of your dreams (soon to be goals) be completed?

Step #4 – Now research your dream.  This is when you discover what it takes to make this dream happen. Do you know someone else who has achieved this dream?  Can you find out what was involved for them to do this?  After you’ve done some of this research you can decide if you really want to do what it takes to make this happen.  Decide which of your ‘dreams’ from your dream sheets you want to turn into actionable goals.


This is how you train your subconscious mind to work with you, not against you.  This is owning up to the control you have over your life.  This is to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of people who are around you.

You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain!
Give it a try.


If you would like to dive deeper into the process to “Live Your Dream” Life.

If you dare to make yourself better – become a ‘do-er’.

Take Action Today by getting your own personal paperback copy (you can write all over the inside of this book) of A Millennials Guide To Live Your Dream.  It will be the best $15.95 USD you’ve ever spent!!

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