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“Do You Have Any Questions For Us?”

Be prepared. Interviews are really a two-way communication process. You want to learn as much about the employer as the employer wants to learn about you. In most cases employers are going to make the assumption, based on your resume and credentials, that you have the skills and education required for the position. What they want to learn from you during the interview process is whether or not you will be a good ‘fit’ for their company. You need to be assessing the same thing for yourself as well. So the most important thing for you to remember, is to be yourself. If the interviewer does his or her job, and you are true to yourself, whether you get hired or not will be the right decision for you. You only want to work with employers that will be a good fit for you … and you for the company. So “be prepared, but be yourself!”

Be Prepared, But Be Yourself. If the interviewer does his or her job and you are true to yourself, whether you get hired or not will be the ‘right decision’ for you.

Your Interview Has Gone Well, To Wrap-Up They Turn To You And They Ask:

“Do you have any questions for us?”

The opportunity for you to ask questions usually arrives at the end of the job interview. Be prepared with questions that reflect a key interest in the specific role, or an open-ended question about the company in general. For instance:

◾“What are the major qualities you are looking for in this specific role?” or

◾“Tell me about the culture of the company?” or

◾“Tell me about the last person that held this position – what did he/she do well?

◾“What could I do to bring more value to the role?”

Lastly, I love this final question period as an opportunity for you to ask the person something personal … related to their work … that will get them talking about themselves. Why?

“Your whole objective in any interview process, is to get ‘them’ to like you.” Deborah Clarke, Author, Live Your Dream

The easiest way to get anyone to like you, is to get them talking about themselves. So How?

To Get Them Talking About Themselves (and REALLY LIKING YOU) Ask Something like:

◾ “When did you start with the company? What got you interested in this company/position?” or

◾“What is the biggest improvement the company has made in the time you have been working here?” or

◾“What do you like best about working here?”

Keeping these questions in mind, doing your homework (research) about the company and the position, you will be prepared to handle the toughest of interviews and making a lasting impression with the employer, recruiter, or interviewer in no time. It’s Your Turn … To Be Successful!  Live Your Dream.



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