How To Instantly Learn From Your Mistakes and Benefit From The Experience Without Crushing Your Confidence

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Learn From Your Mistakes

The instant you stop thinking of what happened as a mistake and think of it as an experience, you can turn what happened into a benefit to your life.

Deborah Clarke, Author, Purposeful Job Search.


Reflect on this thought for a minute.

If you believe all experiences, good and bad, develop character and makes us who we are.  Then aren’t all experiences, good or bad, making us a better person in the end?  We grow through our experiences.

Here is HOW to instantly learn from your mistakes and benefit from the experience.

FIRST, you need to acknowledge setbacks, mistakes, obstacles will happen.  They happen to all of us.  What is most important is realizing,

It’s Not What Happens To Us That Hurts Us, It’s How We Respond To What Happens That Hurts Us!

Think of the word RESPONSIBILITY.   Now think of that one word, as two separate words “RESPONSE” and “ABILITY”.    We all have the ABILITY to choose our RESPONSE to any situation.   It’s not what happens to us that hurts us, but how we respond to what happens to us.

When asked “Why is it important to learn from our mistakes?”  Most people will say, ‘so you don’t make the same mistake twice.’ and that is true,

  • if you own up to your mistakes right away,
  • if you don’t make excuses for what happened,

you will find most people are forgiving, the first time, but you had better learn from the mistake and don’t let it happen again.

BUT, what is even MORE IMPORTANT for us to learn from our mistakes, is to focusing our energy and thoughts on the lesson learned or the strength we’ve gained because the experience happened.   How has it changed us? How has it improved us?  How has it opened a door for us to make change happen, right now?  How are we stronger because this happened?



Here are reasons why experience is our best teacher:

  • It’s our experiences (good and bad) that make us who we are;
  • Experiences are character building;
  • True character is revealed when the unexpected happens in our lives;
  • Experiences help us build strength.

How?  Rather than dwell on ‘how the experience made you feel’, switch your thinking to ‘a strength you gained’ because of the experience.  So in the future when the thought comes up about the experience (good or bad) your thoughts instantly go the ‘strength you gained’.

Our greatest lessons (or learnings) come from tough times or mistakes we’ve made in our lives. We remember the tough lessons for life.  When everything is going right, or easy, our lessons aren’t as obvious.  So embrace all lessons the same … be you, take risks, make mistakes freely, and learn to be the most confident, experienced you that you can be!   Be the best version of you that you can be.

Lastly remember …

“You are the only person who can use your potential, and reaching your potential will take some risks.  Challenge yourself to be great!”

  • Deborah Clarke, Author, Purposeful Job Search.


Best-Selling Author Deborah Clarke, CEO, eBizCoach, spent half of her career coaching students (and career changers) into some amazing careers in business.  She also worked with employers who continually told her how difficult it is to find good people.  In her book, Purposeful Job Search, Deborah puts you in the drivers seat, to find the most rewarding and fulfilling job possible.   She reminds us, “Our Happiness is on us!”

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Best-Selling Author

Best-Selling Author, Deborah Clarke spent half of her career coaching students (and career changers) into some amazing careers in business. She also worked with employers who continually told her how difficult it is to find good people. In her latest book, Purposeful Job Search, Deborah teaches you how to get recognized by employers as one of the 'good people' they are looking for!

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