[Motivation] What Is Your Focus Keyword for 2017?

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Make 2017 A Turning Point Year For You And Your Career

Do You Believe In New Years’ Resolutions?

Whether you do or not … there is something you can do today, that will continue to give you inspiration anytime you need it in 2017 … and it’s SIMPLE!


For the last few years I’ve done something very simple that has given me focus and clarity and has helped to keep me on track throughout the year.


I give myself an “FOCUS KEYWORD” … it’s a word that inspires me, refocuses me, and reminds me what is most important for me to move forward in my life and career that particular year.


In 2014 my Focus Keyword was “Explore” … In 2015 it was “Clarity” … In 2016 is was “Simplicity”

And Now in 2017 it is … “Gratitude”.

I’m blessed to be in the position I am today in my life with good health, wealth and happiness. So it is timely for me to use “Gratitude” as my Inspiration Keyword for 2017.

I challenge YOU … to come up with your own FOCUS KEYWORD for 2017. What will it be?


That’s it! Simple!!

But I promise you, when life runs off the rails in the coming months or year, this one simple KEYWORD will help to get you back on track when you need it most. Give it a try … it’s a habit or new years resolution you can’t break! Once it is set, it’s set for the year.

Give yourself a deadline to set your KEYWORD … by the end of this article … or by the end of the day … but set it! DO it now!

I’d love to see your FOCUS KEYWORDS in the Comments below. There is no right or wrong KEYWORD … it is as individual as you are. It is to help you move forward with focus in the coming year …


What’s Your FOCUS  KEYWORD for 2017?

FOCUS KEYWORD: _____________________________________________


Wishing You Health, Happiness And Prosperity in 2017!



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